Simple tools to increase team morale and employee productivity.



Take Action.

Listening Leads to Knowing

As leaders and players we want to be able to contribute to the best of our abilities at work, we want to communicate in a positive way. With kununu Mood you and your team have a tool to help keep track of how employees are feeling about work. The fully automated weekly staff survey tools are fun, fast and at their fingertips on any device. Critical team dimensions are covered and even just asking means you care.

Easy Data Analysis, Happier=Better

Communication and trust are critical to success, and they can also be the most challenging to excel at. kununu Mood’s platform of mood analysis tools easily open up lines of communication about what is working and what is not. We want discussing, listening and engaging to be fun, worth it, and action oriented. Our simple reporting allows you to drill down to the core and take action to create improvement quickly. We give you real data in a really human way.

Communication is Key

Employees that feel good are more productive. Teams that trust each other and feel valued perform better. kununu Mood’s Discussion Board enables you to ‘listen more than you talk’. Team members can easily share, discuss and vote for topics that are important to them. Topics helps to track everyone’s ideas, big and small. Positive culture leads to powerful productivity.



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